1. Remember when..

    Remember when I got called out on twitter today. Seriously guys.. Why didn’t anyone tell me? 

  2. Are you following me on Facebook? Do it you sassy bitch you. 


  3. journal updates..



  6. Lame.

  7. headvertising:

    Social Sneekers

    Italy-based graphic designer Lumen Bigott has combined Keds brand sneakers with images from familiar online companies in her 2011 concept project, Social Media Shoes. She has more images at her Behance portfolio.

    I’m a big fan of inspiration blogs, I also spend a lot of time in social networks and I love fashion: those three things are responsible of this shoes collection. The idea was to find the most important graphic elements of my favorite social networks and apply them to my favorite pair of shoes trying to keeping alive the essence of each brand.

    I WANT THEM ALL NOW! -Except the G+. I’m ok without it. 

  8. It’s seriously this addicting. 

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    I just got a call back from a company that develops applications. This would be epic friends. #Ineedajob 

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  11. Question Time!

    I want to start interacting with my tumblr friends! What do you guys want to know about me?

  12. I think not.

  13. Facts. 

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  14. My New Marketing Blog. I’m looking for social media work for the summer months. If you hear anything let me know! Trying to vamp up my blogs and accounts in the mean time…. 

    Click the link!

    Social Elite - Marketing


  15. This is such a great example of how low cost social media marketing can be.